Love music? Welcome home.

We're building something special, just for you 😉

And I don’t just mean that you love music. I mean that you really, really love it. You’re super passionate about it. You listen to it for hours a day. Your music library is an ever-expanding behemoth, and despite this you’re always eager for more. You just can’t get enough of it.

And not only do you love listening to it - you also love sharing it, too. Sharing and recommending music to your friends is just so fun for you, and you get an immense amount of joy from it - especially when these people have a similar music taste to you.

Sound familiar? Then Vibite was made just for you.

So, what are we talking about? A vivid, passionate, like-minded community of music-lovers from all around the world who share the best music with each other in real time. And not just any ordinary community - a welcoming home that's friendly and bursting with good vibes. A home where sharing music, talking music, hanging out and having fun is cherished.

Not only is this great in a community sense - it's unparalleled for finding the best music out there. You're hanging out with some of the most damn passionate music enthusiasts in the whole world. These are the guys who give the best music recommendations, period. They've listened to so much that once they get to know your taste, they already know what you're going to play on repeat.

And we're not just building something lame, ordinary or that's been done before here. It’s something totally different - something that we’ve felt has been missing from the music scene for so long that we’ve decided to be the ones who finally build it (scratching our own itch, if you will!) We promise that it'll be crafted super well, and we'll build it with you to make sure of it. We’ve tried to find something to satisfy this thirst, but there’s simply nothing out there that does it justice.

Okay, so who are you guys?

Right now, there’s only one of us - me! (and my name is Daniel).

I've been an avid music fan for over 5 years now, and Vibite has been an idea that’s been developing in my head for the past 2 and a half years. Initially it was merely a simple music blog (and it was actually doing really well!). I shared music across a wide range of genres, moods and styles, and then categorised it into different playlists. People loved it and we had amazing feedback.

After a while, I decided to take it down since I didn’t really know what to do with it. The blog was really just a trial for a much larger vision I had, and it’s only just now that this idea has finally developed completely in my head. And since I’m a full-stack web developer, I’m able to build the entire thing from scratch myself.

This sounds outright amazing. When can I use this thing?

If you’re as keen as I am, that honestly makes me really happy! I only want to build something that people are going to love - not just something people think is kinda cool. To me, that wouldn't be worth building at all.

We won’t spare many details to keep it as a surprise... 😉 But if what was just described sounds amazing to you, enter your email below (we won’t spam you - I promise! I hate email myself). We’ll be sure to send you a few sneak-peeks, and you’ll be one of the very first people to try out our platform before it’s released to the world.

And of course, thanks for reading! 😁

— Daniel

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